Beautiful Hudson Ohio!

Hudson is full of history. The city was named after its founder, David Hudson who settled there from Goshen, Connecticut in 1799.
Hudson was the original home of what is now Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. You can find an interesting history of the city on its website, including the story of John Brown, of Harpers Ferry fame.

"The Brown family, who had lived in Hudson since 1805, were active abolitionists who participated in the Underground Railroad. John Brown, educated at the cabin school near the downtown Green, became a militant adversary of slavery, eventually becoming involved in the violence in Kansas in 1854. In the summer of 1859, he organized and launched the famous attack on the Federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry. Following the defeat of Federal forces in the Shenandoah Valley, Washington petitioned Hudson for volunteers to serve in the Union Army for three months. Ultimately, 150 men signed on to fight for the Union cause."

Hudson ranked as one of the 25 safest cites in America by ADT
Hudson High School Ranked Gold in U.S. News Best High Schools Report